After the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, some companies are distancing themselves from guns. On Tuesday, private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management announced it will sell Freedom Group, which makes the Bushmaster rifle Adam Lanza used during his shooting spree that killed twenty-six in Newtown, Connecticut. Dick’s Sporting Goods released a statement saying it will suspend the sale of some “modern sporting rifles” during “this time of mourning.” And Walmart removed the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle from its site just as The Nation published a report by Washington correspondent George Zornick on the company’s sale of the weapon in 1,700 stores nationwide. On MSNBC’s NewsNation With Tamron Hall, Zornick said these companies are primarily motivated by public relations, not compassion: “For them to admit that they are still carrying this Bushmaster AR-15 rifle on their shelves next to cheap sweaters and toys and whatever else they sell, I think is pretty disturbuing.”

—Steven Hsieh

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