Who says students are apathetic? In periodic posts, I’ve tried to debunk the silly and unfounded notion that young people are insufficiently engaged with the critical political, economic and social issues of the day. (Of course many of them aren’t but, then, neither are the majority of Americans in any age group.)

A quick perusal of Future 5000, a remarkable new website, demonstrates the growth and breadth of a powerful and connected progressive youth movement. In 2002 a group of young organizers from around the country published a book called Future 500, highlighting some of the most effective youth organizations in the United States at the time. Now, five years later, an alliance of 10 youth organizations has dedicated staff and resources to creating an interactive, updated online version of the original tome.

A dynamic directory of grassroots youth organizations active across all 50 states, Future 5000 features more than six hundred groups with vivid profiles detailing their work. Created by a coterie of smart and dedicated young activists associated with the Generational Alliance, the site is designed as a one-stop shop for youth organizers to share strategies, resources, tools, stories, and even visuals in one central place; to access basic information; to identify allies; to raise money and to forge media awareness campaigns.

So check out Future 5000, spend a few minutes trolling through the hundreds of inspiring listings, and marvel at the astounding work being undertaken by the next generation.