Guerrilla documentarian Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films team have been in the forefront of pioneering innovative ways to fund, produce and distribute progressive and timely films and videos. Their recent web video, The Real McCain, rapidly made its way around the internet and was featured on 360 blogs who linked to it.

Now, Brave New Films is turning its attention to Fox News’ regular distortions and dissembling on behalf of right-wing candidates and causes. Fox’s recent crusade against Barack Obama has been relentless and dirty as a new short video by Brave New Films demonstrates.

Fox Attacks: Obama is the first of a series of short videos designed to challenge Fox News. Please watch it, then send it around to others. And if you’re sufficiently outraged, use some of the tools at to take action against Fox’s mendacity.

You can start by signing a petition asking the Democratic Party of Nevada not to partner with Fox on the first Democratic debate this coming August, as it has announced it is planning to do.

The next step being urged by BNF is to watch Fox, identify local businesses that are advertising on the Fox News Channel and enter their contact information into a database so that activists can pressure these advertisers to stop supporting Fox. Once these companies are identified, we can (politely) urge them to stop advertising on Fox until and unless the network stops acting as a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. Click here for details.