Editor’s note: When Mitt Romney announced his bid for the White House, he seemed to be the likely front-runner, more for lack of a better alternative than any enthusiasm about him as a candidate. But that was before the GOP base had the chance to find out just how deep he is in Wall Street’s pockets, and Romney’s race since then has been a struggle to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. Here are selected posts from the past few months that explain why a Romney presidency would be bad for America.

Why Mitt Romney Had Such a Bad Record on Jobs in MassachusettsBen Adler, November 14, 2011
Massachusetts had one of the worst rates of job creation under Mitt Romney. Here’s why.

Wall Street’s Bad Romance With RomneyBen Adler, December 29, 2011
The titans of finance have lined up behind Mitt Romney against his GOP rivals and President Obama. But what exactly would a Romney presidency offer them?

No Ideals or Ideas From Romney, Just a ‘Well-Designed Corporate Strategy’John Nichols, January 5, 2012
The paper that knows Romney best, the Boston Globe, dismisses him as a blank slate who is “merely checking boxes on the GOP playlist.”

Romney ‘Not Concerned About the Very Poor’Ben Adler, February 2, 2012
Mitt Romney admitted that he doesn’t care about poor people. His policies prove it.

Romney’s ‘Crony Capitalism’: Bain’s Big Government SubsidiesAri Berman, January 13, 2012
Romney says the government doesn’t create jobs, but his firm Bain Capital profited from government subsidies.

Why Wall Street Is Doubling Down on RomneyBen Adler, February 14, 2012
Mitt’s fundraising advantage among big wealthy donors, especially in the financial sector keeps growing. That’s because they’re afraid of his opponents.

The Soul of Mitt RomneyLeslie Savan, February 16, 2012
Romney comes off as weak, weird and willing to say anything to be elected. Now, he’s starting to seem mean.

Romney’s Irresponsible Tax Plan, Ben Adler, February 23, 2012 
Desperate to fend off Rick Santorum’s challenge from the right, Mitt released a plan to increase the deficit.

Romney’s Koch Brothers ConnectionsAri Berman, February 24, 2012
Romney’s campaign is getting a major boost from the lead organizers behind the Tea Party.

Romney’s Contraception Flip-Flop Reminds Everyone Why They Hate HimBen Adler, March 1, 2012
Within one day Mitt managed to offend everybody by saying he was against the Blunt amendment, and then that he was for it.