In the wake of President Obama’s acceptance of General McChrystal’s resignation and the subsequent appointment of General Petraeus, The Ed Show hosts an eight-guest panel to discuss the future of the war in Afghanistan. Nation Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel chimes in, expressing a rare dissent from host Ed Schultz, who said that Obama had made it "very clear that we’re not backing out."

"Ed, you know we usually agree," vanden Heuvel said. "I have to disagree with you tonight…. I would argue that General Petraeus coming in, there’s an opening that President Obama can seize, because it is good to know that there is a debate among his advisers." She also spoke of the recent Nation-inspired congressional report on the US taxpayer-funding of Afghan warlords, which has been overlooked in discussions of McChrystal’s departure and what it signifies for the war.

—Carrie Battan