Big Mo is what Gingrich is desperate to stop.
He talks of how Romney will flip and will flop.
He charges that Romney now goes through contortions
To hide being someone who funded abortions
And hide that in business wherever he’d roam
Some innocent workers would lose hearth and home.
There’s no way, Newt says, you can call Mitt a mensch.
But what’s even worse is, the man can speak French.

Yes, being bilingual is really too much.
It shows you’re elitist and way out of touch.
Bilingual means speaking one language too many.
We’ve voted for leaders who hardly speak any.
Republican voters know one thing. It’s this:
That ignorance rocks. (It’s sometimes called bliss.)
So all Romney-huggers should undo their clench.
Mitt Romney’s a menace: the man can speak French.