Since my last post bashed Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, let me indulge in a little Hillary-bashing today. If you’re angry at Hillary and all she represents — i.e., the total non-opposition of the supposed opposition party — help discredit her with the party’s liberal base so that she won’t become the Democratic nominee in 2008. I suggest getting involved with Jonathan Tasini’s upstart campaign. Tasini — a longtime labor activist and writer — is challenging Hillary for the Senate. (Full disclosure: Jonathan and I were debate partners in a smackdown sponsored by The Nation and The Economist magazines, on the question “Is Wal-Mart Good for America?”) Jonathan is, by his own admission, unlikely to unseat Hillary. But this is not really about the Senate; it’s public education for 2008. Jonathan is calling attention to Hillary’s dismal pro-war record, and her failure to stand up for working people (not only has she served on the board of Wal-Mart, she voted for the bankruptcy “reform” bill, paid for — and authored — by the credit card industry).

Speaking of trying to stop bad people from becoming president — an admittedly quixotic endeavor — I just saw an excellent documentary called “Giuliani Time.” Like most political documentaries it drags on a bit, but the film is illuminating and even shocking, even for someone like me who lived in New York City during that horrible era.