Mark Hertsgaard recently wrote in The Nation about the growing surge of environmental activism in the US. As he put it, “Washington’s sluggish pace is calling forth a surge of activism aimed at persuading the next President and Congress to be far bolder–to advocate and deliver solutions as big as the problem.”

Last April 14 saw a significant step forward for this new movement when the unified Step it Up day of actions nationwide launched a citizen’s movement with more than 1,400 events in 50 states, the largest global warming event in US history. This Saturday, November 3, the movement is stepping out again with a series of gatherings coast to coast designed to pressure our elected reps to adopt three key priorities to combat global warming–1) Creating five million Green Jobs by 2015, 2) Radically cutting carbon by 2050 and 3) a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants.

“Americans are demanding real solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and stop global warming before it is too late,” said Step It Up co-coordinator Jamie Henn. “Many events will occur in historic places such as the Lincoln Memorial or on Paul Revere’s route to symbolize the need for politicians to provide leadership on global warming.”

“November 3 represents a new move towards political accountability,” said author and Step It Up founder Bill McKibben. “So far it’s been enough for politicians to say: I care. Now, one year out from a pivotal global warming election, it’s time to see who’s going to lead.”

While Step It Up rallies issue a call for action from local communities, thousands of youth will gather at the University of Maryland at College Park, calling for change at the November 2 to 5 Powershift 2007 conference.

Find an action near you this Saturday.