As filmaker Eugene Jarecki notes in The Nation, over forty years of prosecuting the “war on drugs” has cost a trillion dollars and accounted for 45 million drug arrests. Yet, for all that, America has nothing to show but a legacy of failure and increased addiction. The answer? End the war on drugs.


A good place to start in ending the so-called war on drugs is to urge Congress to end federal marijuana prohibition and to begin to bring the currently unregulated and profitable marijuana market under the rule of law, helping curb the crime, violence and out-of-control youth access that flourish under the current prohibition. After weighing in, share this post with your friends, family and Twitter and Facebook communities.


This NPR time-line on the war on drugs offers a powerful sense of the long-term futility of the campaign.


Jarecki’s film is a probing investigative look at America’s war on drugs and its impact on both the criminal justice system and individual families.

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