Last night, the elections saw two key Senate victories for the Tea Party and major losses for the Blue Dog Democrats. To explain the results, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman moderated a roundtable discussion with The Nation’s John Nichols, Laura Flanders and Richard Kim, with journalist David Goodman joining in via telephone. 

"The Tea Party had some considerable wins last night, but also significant losses," says Kim. "The Tea Party is going to be very aggressive about pursuing their legislative agenda—which is to repeal everything. It’s a big question about whether sane Republicans will step in and [tell the Tea Partiers] that you are responsible for some but not all of the Republican victories and that the country is not where [the Tea Party] is."

When Flanders brought up the unprecedented and largely uninvestigated millions of dollars that corporations invested in the midterm election, Nichols warned that the GOP will go into 2012 with "dramatically more money than they spent this year."

—Joanna Chiu