Looking for serious sweatshop alternatives? Check out NoSweatShop.com, the new virtual union mall.

Claiming to be “the first and only mall in the world where you can’t find one stitch that was made in a sweatshop,” the venture, created by No Sweat Apparel, received the blessings of a quirky coalition of co-sponsors, including AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, Reverend Billy, minister of “The Church of Stop Shopping” and Musicians Against Sweatshops.

As of now, the mall has five tenants, offering everything from jeans and yoga pants to scarves and button-down oxfords. Powell’s Bookstore, whose workers are represented by ILWU, sells books, posters and CDs.

“Our goal was to create a one-stop shop for progressive consumers,” says mall promoter and No Sweat CEO Adam Neiman. “We wanted a meaningful standard, something that people could have absolute confidence in…We are hearing from a lot of designers looking at creating no sweat lines of handbags, children’s clothing, sneakers; all wanting to know where to find acceptable sources. If we have strong holiday sales there will be a lot more outlets here in ’04.”

While most stores at the mall to date stock only “made in USA”, Neiman’s outfit, No Sweat Apparel, also carries Canadian union made goods and is working hard to market products from the handful of decent union shops in the developing world. “We think that the only viable response to globalization is to globalize the labor movement” Neiman says.

This holiday season, you can help say no to sweatshops with just a few keystrokes. As NoSweatShop says on its homepage: “When you vote with a dollar it always gets counted.”