Don’t Let Congress Kill Negotiations with Iran

Don’t Let Congress Kill Negotiations with Iran

Don’t Let Congress Kill Negotiations with Iran

Once again, Congress is threatening to pass a bill that could torpedo historic negotiations with Iran. 


The US, our allies, and Iran are once again at the negotiating table working out a comprehensive agreement that could prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and help avert a disastrous war of choice in the Middle East. But while they work, hawks in the Senate are threatening to introduce new sanctions that could sabotage these crucial negotiations. 

Around this time last year, after thousands of people contacted Congress, Senator Harry Reid decided not to bring a similar bill up for a vote. But with the Republicans in power and with the possibility that enough Democrats could join them to form a veto-proof majority, it is even more crucial that we speak up now. 


Sign and send the petition from The Nation and a broad coalition telling your senators: No new sanctions on Iran. Let diplomacy work.


In an investigation published by The Nation this summer, Eli Clifton and Ali Gharib look into the big money behind the hawks pushing confrontation with Iran.


In late October, Democracy Now! spoke to Robert Kelly, who was part of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s team in Iraq in the nineties and early two-thousands, about his fear that the United States could once again use bad intelligence to start a war in the Middle East: “I learned firsthand how withholding facts can lead to bloodshed.”

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