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When much of America was watching Brett M. Kavanaugh’s interview on Fox News on September 24, there was another important broadcast being aired: the Maryland gubernatorial debate, in which Democratic nominee Ben Jealous faced off with incumbent Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

Ahead of the debate, polls showed Hogan with 64 percent job approval and a 22-point lead in the race. This debate, the only one scheduled when Jealous had requested as many as five, was an opportunity for him to share his story and vision, tying both to the state’s future. At the same time, he had to try to reveal the sheep’s clothing on the wolf who is Hogan.

Hogan has been defined by the mainstream media as a moderate. The Washington Post, for instance, has claimed that Hogan has “governed as a moderate,” and ran a headline that called him “radically normal.”

Read the full text of Katrina’s column here.