When Isabel Macdonald first broke the story of undocumented workers tending to Lou Dobbs’s horses and properties with her Nation piece, "Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite," mainstream networks were eager to invite Macdonald to speak about her findings. But all this coverage has focused more on Dobbs’s double-dealing than on the ways that undocumented workers continue to suffer from America’s unjust immigration policies.

In her October 16 follow-up article for the Huffington Post, "The Dobbs and Pony Show," Macdonald writes that Dobbs does deserve criticism for the shameless contradictions between his rhetoric and the reality of his actual lifestyle, but it is far more important to pressure the Obama administration to follow through on promises to reform immigration policy.

"It is President Obama‘s failure to practice what he’s preached on immigration," Macdonald argues, "that concerns these workers far more than the spectacle of Lou’s hypocrisy."

—By Joanna Chiu