The Cities for Peace campaign and numerous other antiwar groups are calling on US citizens to urgently picket, protest, lobby and employ nonviolent civil disobedience at federal buildings, military installations, media headquarters and city halls nationwide to petition the government to bring the war to as timely an end as possible.

The Pledge of Resistance staged a related Die-In at Rockefeller Center this morning with hundreds of chanting antiwar demonstrators lining Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and dozens more laying down in the street in a planned act of mass civil disobedience. 215 people were arrested.

Similar mass actions have been taking place across America. Eighteen people were arrested yesterday for blockading a local air force base in Madison, Wisconsin, while an action at the White House, organized by religious and peace organizations, generated over 60 arrests, two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates–Jody Williams and Mairead Corrigan Maguire–among them.

A few days earlier, fifty-five peace activists were arrested at the gates of the Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and more than 2,150 have been arrested to date in a series of direct-action protests in SanFrancisco,which has been at the forefront of US antiwar activism.

The Pledge of Resistance is organizing similar actions coast to coast in the next week. Click here for info on how you can help.