What’s Going On?

Since President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, there have been new, near daily revelations about the administration’s disregard for democratic norms and alleged corruption. In the meantime, the president’s first full budget proposal will be sent to Congress this week and we have every reason to believe it will prioritize the needs of Wall Street and billionaires like Trump over most Americans.

It’s more important than ever that we understand exactly how Donald Trump stands to benefit from the power of his office. But because he refuses to follow the example of every other president and release his tax returns, there’s still a lot the American people don’t know.

There’s a coalition looking to change that. The Presidential Tax Transparency Act, a bill introduced in the House, would require Donald Trump and all major-party presidential nominees to release their tax returns for the last three years. Democrats are attempting to use a procedure called a discharge petition to force a vote on the law whether Paul Ryan likes it or not. Just last week, Representative Walter Jones became the first Republican representative to back the effort.

What Can I Do?

Sign our petition demanding that Congress force a vote on the Presidential Tax Transparency Act.

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Back in January, Zephyr Teachout wrote in The Nation that Trump’s business holdings could leave his administration beholden to other countries.