Defend Walmart Warehouse Workers

Defend Walmart Warehouse Workers

Implore Walmart CEO Mike Duke to stand with the Walmart warehouse workers in Chino.


This past January, the state of California ordered a Walmart-contracted warehouse complex in Chino, California, to pay 865 employees up to $1.1 million in stolen wages. The company denied the charges and is appealing the ruling. In response, Warehouse Workers United has started a campaign urging Walmart to enforce its own “Standards for Suppliers.”


Use The Nation’s activism tool to implore Walmart CEO Mike Duke to stand with the Walmart warehouse workers in Chino. Then head to and add your name to their petition


In the January 7-14, 2013 issue of The Nation, Josh Eidelson reported that new approaches to organizing—including the inclusion of workers from Walmart-suppliers like the warehouse in Chino—could represent unprecedented opportunities to force the world’s biggest retailer to change its ways.


This past November, the Center for Public Integrity and the Center for Investigative Reporting produced a video on the fight to hold Walmart accountable for wage theft at one of its suppliers in Mira Loma, California.

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