With the networks, the cable news stations, radio outlets, newspapers and magazines and, of course, the internet, this election will be the most widely reported electoral contest in US history. So, where are some good places to find independent reporting on Election Day?

First, of course, check out The Nation‘s special election weblog Ground War 2004, which features Nation correspondents reporting from swing states nationwide on the battle to preserve voting rights.

The Independent Media Center is providing around-the-clock reporting coast to coast with a special emphasis on Ohio and Michigan.

Created in response to repeated reports of problems at polling places, Blog the Vote is compiling news stories and eyewitness testimony about problems people have in attempting to exercise their franchise.

Link TV, with its partner Salon.com, will offer up-to-the-minute election results, reporting from the polls, political commentary, and updates from key battleground states. Although Link is not available on many cable systems, those with satellite TV can tune in through DIRECT TV (channel 375) or DISH Network (channel 9410). You can also click here to watch online.

Alternet has consistently published valuable articles on voting and the election throughout the campaign season, and will continue to post new reports on Election Day. The site also has a special state page for Ohio, designed to provide breaking news on what could be the decisive swing state.

Michael Moore has created “Mike’s Election Watch Page,” which is publishing reports of electoral fraud, voter intimidation and other polling place irregularities.

Check out the Common Dreams news site daily for a collection of each day’s best articles culled from both the alternative and mainstream media.

Election Protection 2004, which has sent thousands of volunteers to swing states across the country to defend against voter intimidation, is posting reports by its poll watchers detailing problems they’re finding at the polls.

Finally, check out Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight for a special one-hour live election special at 10:00pm EST.

Co-written by Patrick Mulvaney