John Nichols and Bob McChesney join Laura Flanders on GRIT TV to
discuss their book The Death and Life of American Journalism and
the future of America’s media. Nichols explains that their book is not
simply about a media crisis but also about the “infrastructure of
democracy. The structures by which we inform citizens are collapsing,”
Nichols says.

Nichols and McChesney argue that the government must play a role in
fixing journalism by providing various subsidies for media outlets. “We
can’t throw it to the market,” Nichols says. “We have to make sure that
we establish a system that allows people very quickly and easily to
start a media outlet and get it distributed.”

Journalists Tracy Van Slyke and Kate Giammarise also join the discussion
to give their personal stories about the media crisis.

Morgan Ashenfelter

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