Dean’s Dozens

Dean’s Dozens


If you’re a recovering Deaniac who believes that Howard Dean’s presidential run inspired legions of young people to get involved in politics, leveraged the internet’s power to break the grip of big money on politics, and gave the Democratic Party a much-needed spine transplant, you probably already know about the “Dean Dozens” and the newly-formed political action committee, Democracy for America. But, if you don’t, here’s the early report.

Since May, Dean’s DFA, has endorsed more than 60 candidates running in local, state and national races–from school board member in Huntsville, Alabama, to mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah.

For years, progressives have talked about taking a page from the Right’s playbook. That means many things–from building think-tanks and media outlets to pioneering new web-based communications. But if our whole is going to equal the sum of our parts, progressives need to recruit, train and support hundreds of candidates at all levels.

In his speeches off the convention floor in Boston, Dean seemed keenly aware of the Right’s success in defining our politics over the past generation by building independent institutions and operational capacities. At several points, he even invoked Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition (CC) as an example of how one group had succeeded in changing the GOP by taking over the party’s key operations and structures.

At “The Take Back America” conference in Boston during DNC week, a feisty Dean urged supporters to run for local office–even if just the local library board. The centerpiece of his message to progressives: Let’s put aside our small differences and take back our party. Or, as Dean said—picking up on what the late Senator Paul Wellstone told us: It’s time to strengthen the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.”

Toward that goal, Dean and “Democracy for America“–working with savvy progressive groups such as Progressive Majority (PM), and 21st Century Democrats–are committed to giving back power to citizens, and finding and supporting the next generation of grassroots leaders.

DFA supports candidates who are “socially progressive” but also “fiscally responsible.” Some of its more than 60 candidates across the country include Suzanne Williams, running for a seat in the Colorado State Senate, Eddgra Fallin, running for the Huntsville, Alabama, school board, and Mary Jo Kilroy running for reelection as Franklin County, Ohio Commissioner. “They probably won’t all win,” says a key supporter of Democracy for America, “But the point is that they are almost all new to the political process and they will win eventually.”

In fact, several Dean Dozen candidates have already scored victories:

* In Georgia, Judge Gail Tusan fought back a conservative onslaught and won re-election in July.

* Following her support of equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan was challenged in a primary, and won with 87 percent of the vote.

* In North Carolina, Debra Sasser won her place on the Wake Country District Court general election ballot and State Senate candidate Julia Boseman won the Democratic primary for the 9th District.

* In Missouri, Maria Chappelle-Nadal won her closely fought primary to become the Democratic nominee for the 72nd State House District.

The latest Dean Dozen list includes three candidates for state representative in Hawaii–“running to unseat ultra-conservative Republican incumbents;” a candidate for the Colorado state senate and one running for the state house in Connecticut.

If you’re an interested candidate, go to the DFA website for information. A “ candidate questionnaire” can be filled out on the site. (Among the questions: “What role will grassroots organizing play in your campaign?”) Some candidates receive DFA’s endorsement because they are courageous enough to challenge conservative incumbents; others get the nod because of their deep community support, internet savvy, labor ties or links to grassroots organizations.

As Gloria Totten, veteran political organizer and Progressive Majority’s director, put it, “The time is right for all the new organizing that is happening. George W. Bush and his wrong-headed policies have galvanized us.” But, more importantly, she says, “There is an emerging leadership among progressives that is not willing to continue to be right on the issues and lose elections.”

One of the best ways to give muscle to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, empower citizens, and build a politics of passion and principle–in November and beyond–is by recruiting progressives to take back power–from school boards to Capitol Hill. Howard Dean’s “Democracy for America” is one of the key groups doing just that. Click here to learn more about DFA’s efforts.

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