Crossword Classic #4

Crossword Classic #4

From the November 8, 1947, issue.



1  Fired by Browning. (6)

4  Moor. (8)

10  Makes holier. (7)

11  Wig assessment? (4, 3)

12  Half this is certainly immature. (5)

13  Hard water? (3)

14  Slight. (5)

15  Tears are a painful subject to urbanites. (5)

17  Studied the lazy Dane. (8)

21  Rabbit-traps? (8)

23  French word to the wise saying. (5)

26  Pa’s found around in the center of it. (5)

28  Get aboard this any way. (3)

29  A fast writer, obviously. (5)

30  To snub a maiden is usually 27. (7)

31  Self-announced throb? (7)

32  What the pin-boy must do at the game? (8)

33  Staple food-products are sometimes found in them. (6)


1  Sounds like a double order of fruit might make one sick. (8)

2  One would have to be brave to have relations with the Russians! (7)

3  Led down, after it comes up. (5)

4  From Paris to Venus. (5)

6  Worn by the “Ladies From Hell.” (5)

7  Summary at the back of the court? (7)

8  Might tell you how pus is formed. (6)

9  How Kidd sounded his aitches? (8)

16  Correspondingly dear. (3)

18  A couple of fools within. (8)

19  May, in an uprising, be a southern favorite ordinarily. (3)

20  Unavailing description of Whittier’s boy? (8)

22  A cat’s got two eyes. (7)

24  Short journey for more than a pair? (7)

25  Tip your hats to the editor. (6)

27  Accidentally raised. (5)

28  It’s evil to a degree. (5)

29  A lapse of this would not be a blooming error. (5)

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