Crossword Classic #22

Crossword Classic #22

From the March 13, 1948, issue.



1  Practically a philosopher. (10)

6  A tell-tale wife of this . . . . (4)

10   . . . . and tell-tale papers. (7)

11  First (and last) by this some things are noted. (7)

12  Transport passage. (8)

13  Am all turned around here. (5)

15  Found throughout most of France. (5)

17  No inhabited region is. (9)

19  Two spear carriers ? (5, 4)

21  Arrangement. (5)

23  Relative, “taken at the flood.” (5)

24  Lone royalist. (8)

27  Chapter and verse to a Hindu.(Hyphenated.) (7)

28  The sort of age I’m in, to make a guess. (7)

29  How a sort of user might make certain of it. (4)

30  The lonesome pine, for example? (10)


1  Top of the pastry? (4)

2  Tolstoi heroine, about ten, but still capable of feeling things. (7)

3  Cut for grinding purposes. (5)

4  A dance was reputedly the cure for its bite. (9)

5  On the other side of a hook. (5)

7  A large trouble, but serves a lady right! (7)

8  Although they come from a low place, it’s not the tunnel. (10)

9  Make it dove-tail when infringed upon. (8)

14  Take Fred a straw later on. (10)

16  Royal ones help you get a bite. (8)

18  Did such players have walk-on parts? (9)

20  Pull it neater. (7)

22  A bus is so common. (7)

24  His pa was a soldier. (5)

25  Mark the other brother? (5)

26  It wasn’t Adam who was venerable. (4)

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