Crossword Classic #2

Crossword Classic #2

From the October 25, 1947, issue.


Each week Crossword Classic dips into the Nation archive for a vintage brain-twisting, British-style cryptic crossword puzzles. Puzzler-in-residence Frank W. Lewis has produced these weekly gems for more than sixty years.

And Frank is still going strong. His puzzles now appear biweekly in the print edition of The Nation. These are available to subscribers only. For subscription information, click here.

We hope you enjoy these early crosswords, which vary slightly in format from our current offerings: solutions are written, rather than displayed on a grid. And for instant gratification, the “Click Here for Solutions” link at right reveals the answers to the current week’s Crossword Classic . The solutions can also be hidden.

Sharpen your wits and your pencil, hit the “Print” button, and enjoy the puzzle!

From the October 25, 1947, issue.


1  In a way it’s late around here for Romans. (7)

5  T. N. T. does, ditto a storm, a photographer or sometimes a pitcher. (5, 2)

9  This sometimes comes back to Wintergreen. (5)

10  Latin cone which took eight years to construct. (9)

11 and 12  Equipment of holding companies? (6, 3, 5)

13  Those who did sometimes paid for their tickets later. (7)

15  I bled as a result of getting hurt. (7)

17  Blood vessel? (7)

19  Indeed, sir! (7)

21  What to do with your bright light on the road coming back? (5)

23  Magnificent but novel. (9)

25  These shouldn’t be used on rainy days. (9)

26  Marries around fifty, but forms a perfect union! (5)

27  Put R. C. in 13, if it doesn’t go to extremes! (7)

28  The fiddle should be tough, because it is. (7)


1  Sheds. (7)

2  A lone whale finds time for bobbing. (9)

3  No danger of ticks, if you stop it. (5)

4  Paroled, but often behind bars. (7)

5  Happened to be debited, in old accounts. (7)

6  Might be read on them? (9)

7  Sort of coins for graft. (5)

8  Sleep is disturbed for the worn. (7)

14  Add the rye without the water. (9)

16  Parisian Hawkshaw. (9)

17  How to get abreast of a hot dog? (7)

18  Sort of rope with get-up in it. (7)

19  Sort of side streets. (7)

20  People who belong to this usually have quite a line. (7)

22  Perhaps you’ll see me around a broken window. (5)

24  Both he and it have seen the seamy side of life in Paris. (5)

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