Comments of the Week: Paul Ryan’s Hypocrisy and the DNC

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Each week, we collect the best responses from our community on Facebook, Twitter and our own comment threads. This week was all about the November election, as readers sounded off on the DNC and responded to writer Lee Fang’s exclusive on Paul Ryan’s request for funds from the Affordable Care Act. 
On the speeches at the DNC: 
Who knew John Kerry could be so entertaining?Diane Roberts
The energy was much stronger in the DNC than the RNC. But we shall see how the debates and elections go.Anthony Tompkins
@thenation If I needed just one last deed to get into Heaven & I had to pick a good catholic to follow, that would be Sister Simone CampbellGwinn Douglas
I loathed Clinton in the 1990s–the rightward turn toward a full embrace of neoliberalism. And I was disgruntled by his reference to "welfare reform" again in the speech. But if it’s a choice between a neo-Keynesian democratic party or a total embrace of neoconservatism, I guess I was impressed with Clinton’s speech. He spelled out all the talking points Dems will need to counter the rightwing machine.Celia Winkler
I remain a tepid supporter of Obama mainly because I would much rather him choose replacement for Scalia or Kennedy or Ginsburg. I would have liked Obama to announce that Reich or Stiglitz would replace Geithner because I was hoping for more change as we move forward. David John Whealey
Loved it! And, he didn’t shrink away from Hope and Change. Rather, he expanded on the theme that was never wrong to begin with. He is an inspiration.Rebecca Glenn
Meanwhile, Lee Fang’s “Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash” may have fired up our readers even more than the speeches: 
Kari Havoth:
We need to hear about these types of letters/requests. To be a little fair, ACA was the law by then and Ryan didn’t know he’d be called upon as Mittster’s running mate. And Paul Ryan follows all the Republican dogma or creed, which is gripe about it before it’s law, take money from after it’s law while calling for the law to go away.Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash | The Nation
Just another example of Republican greed and hypocrisy…..the "I’m going to get mine, I’ve got mine, now you can’t have any" syndrome.  The FLOTUS framed it perfectly when she made the comment about offering a hand up to those who come behind us and not slamming the door shut.Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash | The Nation
Wiley Post: 
Like Bill said last night, "It Takes Brass" to talk about repeal and replace to the crowd in front of you and have your hand out for the cash behind your back.Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash | The Nation
Finally, in response to Bryce Covert’s “Clinton Touts Welfare Reform: Here’s How It Failed,” Jim Ward discussed the complicated and often frustrating politics of the Democratic party: 
Jim Ward: 
I love Bill Clinton. I had the great pleasure of meeting him numerous times as I worked in DC as an advocate for the civil rights of people with disabilities (Thanks Bill for including people with disabilities in your amazing speech!) But defining welfare reform as a success — especially in the context of tax cuts for the elite, corporate welfare, tax evasion and bloated military spending — should not be held out as some kind of a "third way" success.  This article makes such an important point regarding the heart and future of the Democratic Party. The New Democrats sold out to corporate interests, money and social/economic policy that, while perhaps popular, is not grounded in fact. In the process of trying to win elections by pushing the party to the right (integrating rather than challenging the prevailing narrative), they joined with the Republicans to grease the skids for the economic crisis that we are still recovering from. The very sad reality is that Bill, and Obama with his ties to Wall Street, would probably not have been elected otherwise in our political system still rigged in the favor of the monied elite. We must, must, must fight for campaign finance reform. President Obama does not need to "move to the middle" (he is already there and leaning right in many ways) to succeed. In fact, we need to "move the middle" which has moved way too far to the right in political discourse and in the shaping of public policy.  We need to redefine the political center in America and make it a given that a civilized society we humanely take care of our people; keeps the forces of greed and growth in check; and that  we uphold the rights of all; and empower leaders at all levels of government – national, state and local – who are not beholden to the monied elite.Clinton Touts Welfare Reform. Here’s How It Failed. | The Nation