Commentary: Dave Zirin on Notre Dame’s Rogue Football Team

Commentary: Dave Zirin on Notre Dame’s Rogue Football Team

Commentary: Dave Zirin on Notre Dame’s Rogue Football Team

After two avoidable deaths and an accusation of sexual assault by a Notre Dame player, it’s past time that the storied football squad had its program suspended.


It’s past time that the storied Notre Dame football squad had its program suspended, says Dave Zirin. First there was the death of 20-year-old team videographer Declan Sullivan in October. Now there is the emerging truth behind the September 10 suicide of first-year student Elizabeth Seeberg. Seeberg overdosed on antidepressants ten days after telling friends and campus police that a University of Notre Dame football player had sexually assaulted her. This is a football program that has officially gone off the rails.

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