Kudos to Dan Reimold, a keen observer of student media, for his semester-end review of efforts to limit student press expression coast to coast.

The national lowlights included Towson University president Robert Caret’s attack on a sex column published in The Towerlight student newspaper, Texas A & M football coach Guy Morriss’ encouragement to his players’ to steal and destroy almost 2,000 copies of The East Texan student paper because they didn’t like a story, Virginia Tech University administrators threat to cut funding for The Collegiate Times, the school yearbook, and other campus media due to their distaste for the CT’s allowance of anonymous comments following stories posted online and administrators at the University of Utah threat to hold the academic records and degrees of nine soon-to-graduate senior staffers at The Daily Utah Chronicle for a series of columns run in the newspaper’s goodbye issue that overtly spelled the words ‘penis’ and ‘c*nt’ via the bolded drop-caps starting each column.

Read Reimold’s full report first published at the Huffington Post and use the comments field below to let us know of any incidents of campus censorship of which you’re aware.