Can We Make College Free Again?

Can We Make College Free Again?

Isn’t it time we stopped student debt in its tracks?


Can we make college free again? Up until the 1970s, tuition at many of America’s public colleges was free. But since then, right-wingers have been waging war on public universities. They pressured states to slash funding for higher education, pushing public-college tuition through the roof, and helping banks rake in hundreds of billions off college loans. No wonder student debt just hit $1.5 trillion.

It gets worse: Women hold two-thirds of that debt, and black college grads are five times more likely to default than white grads.

This is not an accident: The free-marketeers who made us a nation of debtors had a plan. But now, so do we.

The College for All Act would cover tuition at public community colleges for all Americans, and tuition at public four-year universities for families making less than $125,000.

We could pay for it right now with a small “Robin Hood” tax on Wall Street speculation, or by repealing Trump’s corporate tax cuts.

Isn’t it time we stop student debt in its tracks?

Join us. We are The Nation.

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