For his article China in the Driver’s Seat, Robert Dreyfuss talked to dozens of progressive academics, journalists and policy-makers about the rise of the new economic superpower. Below, find links to excerpts from interviews with Carolyn Bartholomew, Andy Stern, James Galbraith, and more.

Carolyn Bartholomew, "Can Progressives Make a Difference on Human Rights in China?"
Geoffrey Crothall, "Are Chinese Workers Really Better Off Now?"
James Galbraith, "Jobs ‘Would Certainly Not Come Back to the United States’"
Doug Henwood, "It’s Not China’s Fault that America Doesn’t Have an Industrial Policy"
Robert Kuttner, "Developing China for a Better Trading Relationship"
Scott Paul, "If You’re Not Making Stuff, You’re Buying Stuff"
Orville Schell, "It’s Not Just China’s Rise, It’s Our Collapse"
Andy Stern, "As Chinese Workers Organize, They Will Make More Demands"
Ailun Yang, "Moving Past ‘Grow First, Clean Up Later’"