Cheney Continues to Defend False Truths

Cheney Continues to Defend False Truths

Cheney Continues to Defend False Truths

The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill criticizes the former vice president’s recent defense of torture and the media outlets who let him get away with it.


The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, talks to Keith Olbermann of Countdown about torture and former vice president Dick Cheney. In Cheney’s interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News this weekend, he continued to defend the Bush policies and claim that torture worked, a claim that Scahill notes is not backed up by the recently released CIA Inspector General’s report. Scahill points out that Cheney doesn’t want the American people to have any information about the so-called “dark side,” and that the Bush administration should be held accountable “from top to bottom” for its human rights offenses. But Scahill reserves his harshest words for the media, saying that “we don’t have real journalism in this society when we talk about the question of torture,” and giving the media an F for its failure to bring the truth to light.

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