The Nation‘s Greg Mitchell has been covering the WikiLeaks cable dump for nearly eighty days now, and his MediaFix blog continues to be a first stop for readers looking for the latest on all things related to WikiLeaks. In a radio appearance on Antiwar Radio, Mitchell talks about some of the stories he has been highlighting, like the Julian Assange extradition hearing in the United Kingdom, cables on Egypt’s Omar Suleiman and the detention of former Pfc. Bradley Manning.

During a discussion of how many of these stories should be bombshells that send shockwaves but remain overlooked, Mitchell explains part of what he has been doing has been an “answer to people who have said going back to the ‘Collateral Murder’ video, ‘What’s the big deal?'”

Mitchell, author of The Age of WikiLeaks, highlights how WikiLeaks likely fueled the Tunisia Revolution, which has inspired Egyptians and others in Middle Eastern and North African countries to protest state repression. He says if they had only done that they would be a big deal, but in reality they have done much more and, for key examples, here are thirty-two revelations that have come to light thanks to WikiLeaks.

—Kevin Gosztola