Nation sports columnist Dave Zirin appears on MSNBC’s Morning
to talk about Michael Vick’s first interview since
signing with the Philadelphia
. Zirin and Philadelphia sports columnist Steven A. Smith
discuss whether Philly fans will embrace Vick, and Zirin notes that
this is more than just a sports story; it’s a story of whether a felon
can be allowed to rehabilitate his image in a country with 2.3 million
people behind bars. The panelists also point out that over and over
again, sports stars are charged with violence against women and then
are accepted back into their chosen sport without the amount of fuss
being kicked up over Vick. Zirin notes that he’s had to face off
against PETA in defense of Vick but that it’s not a question of
whether he supports animal abuse but a question of whether he thinks
people should get a second chance.

Sarah Jaffe

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