The numbers from the new Survey USA polling on President Bush are stunning. As EJ Dionne notes in his Washington Post column today, a majority of voters approve of Bush in just four states–Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska.


It’s no secret W’s numbers are bad. But this bad? Fifty-nine percent of respondents disapprove of Bush in Kentucky! Similar stats prevail in once reliably red states such as Indiana, South Carolina and South Dakota (where abortion is practically illegal). A majority of Texans now frown on their old Governor.

In swing states like Ohio Bush has a net approval rating of -29 percent. No wonder Republican candidates tell Bush to stay away from their states, won’t appear publicly with him or get “stuck in traffic” and arrive fifteen minutes after his Vice President has already left.

My favorite anecdote: Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Judy Baar Topinka would only let Bush raise money for her “late at night, in an undisclosed location.”