Bill Clinton Slams Palin, Shows Fire For Obama

Bill Clinton Slams Palin, Shows Fire For Obama

Bill Clinton Slams Palin, Shows Fire For Obama

Bill Clinton thinks the vice presidency will be more important than ever in the next four years–and his bet’s on Joe Biden


Bill Clinton got fired up over economics and the vice presidential candidates during a campaign stop for Barack Obama on Wednesday. The former president Clinton gave an acute and compelling analysis of why he believes the current financial crisis will transform the role of the vice president for the next administration:

“Barack Obama will have to be really focused on fixing this economy. That means that the role of the vice president in repairing quickly our relations in the rest of the world will be relatively more important in the first two years of the next presidency. And I am just telling you, you can talk to me or anybody else at any time in Washington, and they will tell you there is nobody, nobody in the entire United States that understands the political, economics, and security challenges and opportunities of the whole rest of the world better than Joe Biden!”

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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