Big Oil’s Free Market Friends

Big Oil’s Free Market Friends

Guest-hosting The Rachel Maddow Show, Nation DC Editor Christopher Hayes asks why the libertarian Rand Paul is so determined to defend BP’s honor.


Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul put in his two cents about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last week, saying that in trying to hold BP accountable for the spill, President Obama has been "un-American in his criticism of business." After all, Paul says, "sometimes accidents happen."

As guest host of The Rachel Maddow Show, Nation DC Editor Christopher Hayes invites Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight to discuss why the libertarian Paul is coming to the defense of "one of the most corrupt examples of crony capitalism we have in this country." If the "very idea of government subsidies runs counter to the libertarian governing philosophy," is "the oil and gas industry—this enormous recipient of government largesse" really the most worthy recipient of Paul’s free market defense?

—Francis Reynolds

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