Biden vs. Palin

Biden vs. Palin

Throughout the debate, Sarah Palin continuously referred to John McCain (and herself) as a maverick. But Joe Biden effectively destroyed that notion.


Throughout the debate, Sarah Palin continuously referred to John McCain (and herself) as a maverick. “We need to be appreciative of John McCain’s call for reform,” Palin averred. Unfortunately for the McCain camp, the maverick label failed to hold up when coupled with hollow, and at times incoherent, promises for Wall Street reforms. The “greed” and “corruption” Palin so readily denounced was facilitated by an economic philosophy that she and John McCain passionately support. By failing to cite any difference between the proposals of the McCain ticket and the Bush administration’s economic policy, Sarah Palin indirectly said that her ticket will indeed be four more years of Wall Street exploitation of Main Street.

In one of his most powerful moments of the debate, Joe Biden capitalized on Palin’s inability to disassociate her ticket from the Bush administration’s policies on Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and Pakistan:

Erica Landau

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