In a recent op-ed column in The New York Times David Brooks
writes about the unpopularity of health care reform, writing, “If you
average the last ten polls, 38 percent of voters support the reform plan
and 53 percent oppose.” Should the Democrats try to pass the health care
reform regardless of the disapproval? The Nation‘s DC Edior,
Chris Hayes answers host Joe Scarborough’s question on The Morning

“Yes, is the short answer,” he says. “Those polls–if you break them
down, a significant chunk of the opposition are liberals who feel the
bill doesn’t go far enough. When you take that out, and you look at just
independents, they are split 50-50 on the bill.” Hayes argues that given
the context of Pentagon spending and war spending, the bill is actually
a “net deficit reducer.” The bill will do more for the 30 million
Americans that do not have health insurance and Democrats should push
for reform that seeks long-term benefits. “From the most crass political
calculation,” he says. “If you believe in the policy and you already
have taken the political hit, you should pass the bill.”

–Clarissa Leon

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