The Nation was honored this week with two National Magazine Awardnominations. Columnist Naomi Klein was recognized for “Columns andCommentary” for her work in 2008. Our Contributing Writer WilliamDeresiewicz was nominated for the second straight year for his reviewsand criticism in the Books & the Arts section. Both Naomi and Billrepresent the best of The Nation: provocative, courageous commentary;insightful, intelligent analysis; thoughtful and informed debate. Theyreflect what we try to do every week, in every issue. Congratulations toboth of them and to their Editors; winners will be announced in lateApril. You can read their work below, and see who else was nominated intheir categories here.

Columns and Commentary

Naomi Klein’s three nominated works range in topic from the falteringeconomy to the 2008 election:

Disowned by the Ownership Society
January 31, 2008
Bush turns out to be the undertaker of the free market’s false promisesto ordinary Americans.

Obama, Being Called a Muslim Is Not aSmear
February 28, 2008
He should denounce the attacks themselves as racist propaganda.

Obama’s Chicago Boys
June 12, 2008
Before Obama can transform the economy, he has some housecleaning to do.

Reviews and Criticism

William Deresiewicz’s three nominated reviews from 2008 inspire largerconversations about criticism, politics, race and faith:

February 7, 2008
J.M. Coetzee, now out with a new novel and a collection of essays,reminds us what a master he is at turning life into narrative.

Homing Patterns
September 24, 2008
Marilynne Robinson’s new novel explores faith, loneliness and thenational passion play of race.

How Wood Works
November 19, 2008
James Wood may be the best literary critic we have, but the status heenjoys reveals just how far we have fallen.

Congratulations as well to Jamie Kitman, a contributor to The Nation whowas recognized this year as a columnist for Automobile; to TheNation‘s longtime contributor and Carnal Knowledge columnist JoAnnWypijewski, who was recognized in the “Public Interest” category for hercontributions to the Mother Jones series Torture Hits Home; and toNation contributor Kathy Dobie, who was nominated in “Feature Writing”for her GQ essay “The Long Shadow of War”.