In a piece for the Center for American Progress, Nation writer Matthew Duss argues that Liz Cheney’s defense of Bush administration policies–most notably the policies of her father, Dick Cheney–is an attempt to "rehabilitate the global war on terror" and "scare the American people into believing Osama Bin Laden is hiding under their bed."

Duss, who wrote the Nation cover piece this week "Attack of the Cheneys", discusses the latest arguments from neoconservatives, the future for neoconservatives, and Liz Cheney’s role. That role, he says, has a solid goal: to undermine the Obama administration. "They’re going after President Obama now, claiming that he’s not fighting the [Iraq] War as he should," Duss says. By establishing Keep America Safe with Bill Kristol, possibly as a way to jumpstart her political career, Liz Cheney has ensured that her neoconservative group will "continually" attack the Obama administration and further the neoconservative movement.

Ultimately, Duss says, the future of the neoconservatives will depend on the American people, who in 2008 voted for Barack Obama as a clear sideswipe to the neoconservative ideology. "It’s clear that Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney, Bill Kristol and other elements of the neoconservative faction are continuing to try to win this argument–this political argument–by scaring the American people, by making false arguments against the Obama administration," says Duss. "So the question is whether the American people will buy it."

Clarissa Leon

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