When an event like the G-20 in Pittsburgh wraps up, there are always two big questions to ask: What decisions inside the convention center will impact policy around the world? And what are the economic and social impacts of the gathering on its host town?

Outside the convention hall, The Nation‘s Robert S. Eshelman spoke to Pittsburgh locals, elected officials and anti G-20 activists to get their take on how the gathering impacted the city. President Obama called the rallies "generic protests against capitalism," but what statement were protesters trying to make? Here’s his video dispatch, "Iron City in the Shadow of the G-20:"

Taking a different route, John Nichols focused on the economic conditions that served as a backdrop for the summit. In this video, co-produced by the Institute for Policy Studies, Nichols and Nobel Prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz discuss a new framework for how gatherings like the G-20 should evaluate the global economy. Rather than focusing so heavily on GDP, Stiglitz argues, the world’s wealthiest nations need to focus on metrics like health and sustainability, which take into account the overall well-being of a country, not just its net profit. Here’s his conversation with John:

Two big topics from the G-20, the economy and Afghanistan, will also becovered in-depth by events here in New York over the next week. (If you’re not in New York, we’ll have video of both!)

1) This Thursday The Nation, Demos and the New York Society for Ethical Culture are proud to present a much-needed public conversation about Wall Street’s pillage of America, and how to restore financial sanity and responsibility in our economy going forward: Wall Street’s Game, Main Street’s Pain: The All-Important Battle for Real Financial Reform. Featuring financial journalist Nomi Prins; Economic writer and Senior Editor at Newsweek Daniel Gross; and Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi, the conversation will be moderated by David Brancaccio, host and senior editor of NOW on PBS. I’ll bemaking some opening remarks. Here is all the information and the link to register.

The event marks the one-year anniversary of the federal bailout. If youneed a primer on the bailout, read this great piece of explanatory journalism from Nomi Prins and Chris Hayes, who explain the bailout by imagining its impact on one family, "The Hazzards." If you think it was a $700 billion tab, think again! Chris and Nomi explain how the cost of the bailout was more like $17.5 trillion.

2) This Friday we are pleased to invite you and a guest to a special screening of Robert Greenwald’s new film, Rethink Afghanistan, at 7:30PM in Manhattan. The event includes a panel discussion featuring The Honorable Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass), a courageous leader in the movement to "rethink Afghanistan," along with me, The Nation‘s John Nichols, and Robert Greenwald. You can watch the trailer below. The tickets are free, but are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Please email [email protected] with the names of the two people who will be attending if you’d like to go.