Are We a Center-Right Nation?

Are We a Center-Right Nation?

Chris Hayes argues that voters’ anti-incumbent attitude is more about anger and frustration with the current economy than political ideology.


On Morning Joe, Nation editor Chris Hayes disagrees with Joe Scarborough’s use of the term
“Center-right nation” to describe the currrent political landscape. The term, he argues, is a creation of Washington pundits as part of a “script that everybody already has which is that liberals
overreach…they try to go too far, and then they’re punished because
they’ve strayed from the center-right nation and they have to do things
like propose spending freezes.” The anti-incumbent attitude has more to
do with the economy and anger at the banks then the center-right
attitude of Americans.

The problem with the over-used script, Hayes says, is “that there are
very good sensible, practical liberal solutions to these problem which
are taken off the table precisely because they’re seen as symbols of

Morgan Ashenfelter

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