Do you think the US should spend another $102 billion on the Iraq War?

Well, later this month, Congress will consider President Bush’s demand for just this amount to continue full steam ahead with his disastrous occupation of Iraq. This is on top of the $562 billion Congress has already authorized Bush to spend on Iraq since 2003. (For a good look at what we could be doing at home with the money we’re using in Iraq, check Robert Pollin’s lead piece in the Nation‘s recent special issue on the costs of war.) It’s unlikely that Congress will do anything other than roll over but if sufficient pressure can be applied, votes can change. It’s up to the antiwar public to press legislators to make every effort to get us out of Iraq.

Write your elected reps and implore them to reject Bush’s Iraq budget request.

Help and a coalition of supporting partners, including The Nation, organize a Town Hall Meeting with your Representative in April. Volunteers are organizing Town Halls from coast to coast, but help is needed to reach the organizer’s goal of 435 Town Hall Meetings – one for every Congressional district in the US. Click here for info on how to get involved.