I did not see the sky today
it does or does not matter why

I sat inside & looked away
into the north-facing light of
what I can’t won’t shouldn’t say

a girl I know of wants to die
I called the school I called her home

her father thanked me & hung up
the schoolman said The world is hard
harder for girls than it ever was

What a beautiful day Dan texts
I know nothing about it I respond

coming up next: The World
but first: The Takeaway

the radio in my kitchen keeps itself company
muted drilling outside the window

a girl jumped from her grandmother’s roof
one block from here & the doorman found her

her parents papered the building with letters
asking no one to speak of it

the United States cares about mankind
says the Brigadier General in my kitchen

it would have to include hostage negotiation
says a voice in my kitchen

says those taking part in the rebellion
are called belligerents

says God instructed the man to sell the girls

says get the girls back just get them back
just get them back get them back

I sit very still & do nothing say nothing
am nothing & it is still too late