To follow up on Chris’s excellent commentary on the Obama-Wright media firestorm from this afternoon, here’s the tally on how McCain has comparatively fared with the press (via FAIR):

946 references to Obama’s ties with Rezko. 352 references to McCain’s ties with lobbyist Iseman.478 references to Farrakhan’s endorsement of Obama.123 references to the McCain-Hagee relationship.

Also, in absolutely inane op-ed today, Roger Cohen–voila! has discovered that Obama has a half-brother in China. Cohen evidently here is taking on the heavy responsibility of trying to preemptively deflect right-wing attacks on Obama because to date, “not enough has been written about Obama’s family.” (Hasn’t he read the book? Or a newspaper over the past year?) I’d like to think there’s some kind of knotted logic that makes the not-very-sensational fact that Obama has a half-brother who lives in China an even plausibly credible news hook, but if it’s there, I’m not seeing it.