Sorry for a brief hiatus on my part: was traveling and then on deadline. Some more developed thoughts about last night’s results TK, but really, the dynamics of the race remain unchanged. And they’ll continue to remain unchanged until the superdelegates change them. That’s the hard reality, and I’d like to see the superdelegates quit their dithering and just declare who they’re supporting so we can get on with it, already.

Some items for your perusal and to aid in mid-week procrastination:

1) McCain’s straight talkin’: no new tax cuts + lots of tax cuts + balanced budget = bullshit. Should be fun to watch him wriggle out of one of those commitments.

2) This piece by Rebecca Solnit (a true writing idol of mine) doesn’t have anything to in the immediate sense with DC, except for the fact it’s a place where a lot of male intellectual bullies silence a lot of very smart women.

3) America has one twentieth of the world’s population and one quarter of its prisoners. Some day, some one running for president will talk about this.