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Glenn Beck and the Evil 9

Glenn Beck deserves a stanza in the World War II ditty about the then three most dangerous threats to America, because when it comes to a true ideology, Glenn Beck has nothing at all.

What he is is a true con artist. Phony professor, preacher, investment guru and even faux pundit. Francis Fox Piven stands with seven other Jews living and deceased and Richard Trumka as Beck's Mudville 9 of Evil. What, no Hitler or Goebbels or even Beck's hated Wilson or FDR? Beck responded to Meredith Vieria's inquiry into his contributions to vitriol by implying he is a jester in the same league as The Simpsons and Jon Stewart. Did you ever watch Beck's show? Stewart and The Simpsons make us laugh more in the first two minutes than Beck could do in two months. You couldn't watch him for two months.

I have no doubt that someone does get a chuckle out of each daily Beck lecture: Glenn Beck. People may disagree with the philosophy and politics of the Evil 9, but you'd have to laugh at the fool who lives in fear of Cass Sunstein. Without question, the Donald Duck Remix most accurately portrayed Beck's schtick. We know cartoon Beck scared Donald, but real Beck is trying to spook the guy who fears a zombie Walter Lippman. Beck may not be an anti-Semite, just play-acting as one, but like The Simpsons' Fox Newscopter said: "Not racist, but first with racists." That is scary... very scary.