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September 15, 2008

Cover: Cover photograph of Sgt. Juan Jimenez, courtesy of Jimenez; design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels.

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Just Discussion

Santa Fe


OK, God, we know James Dobson asked his followers to pray for rain on Obama in Denver last week. But this storm in New Orleans isn't what anybody had in mind.

It was a barely good week for the antiwar movement in Denver; peace voters face huge challenges in the election season ahead.

Minnesota's message to the GOP: we're all better off when we look after one another.

Moving to the center to woo undecided voters, Obama risks losing his greatest asset: authenticity.

Dems and the Constitution, dispatches from Denver, journos rescue our correspondent in Georgia.

It could have been worse--a lot worse.

Eight years ago, the people gave the GOP the keys to the country. It's time to take them back.



Why is it a good thing for Alaskans to get a cut of exorbitant oil company profits, but not the rest of us, if we are all part of one nation?

Will the Hillary diehards follow her lead and support Barack Obama?

The initiating party for our next cold confrontation with Russia most certainly was the United States.

Comix Nation

Now she's in her element.


Her appeal to a certain sector of the electorate lies in her willingness to take the law in her own hands--and use public power as a personal weapon.

This Week: Ex-black ops agent Dieter Countryman comes to terms with a life misspent as the very dogs of chaos he helped unleash come back to bite him.

The challenge to the peace movement is not to liberalize the empire; the task is to peacefully and steadily bring it to an end--and make democracy safe for the world.

The Republican Party has set itself firmly against the agenda of the labor movement. So to observe Labor Day in St. Paul was a strange experience indeed.

Since they got all the megastories wrong in Denver, here's a primer for the media horde as they descend on St. Paul.

Meet Working America: a self-declared mass organization with a working-class base and a strategy to win.

I came to the DNC as a middle-aged female Obama delegate eager to make peace with Hillary women, and I did not get off to a good start.

From 2016, a futurist looks back on 2008, where the seeds of the slow-mo apolcalypse now consuming the planet were planted.

The freeing of the "zeks" confronted Russia with living memories of the Terror.

After Katrina, white parishes are zoning minorities right out of the reconstruction.

Citing security concerns, the Pentagon frowns on soldiers blogging about Iraq.

Injured veterans continue their battles at home while fighting for the healthcare treatment they deserve.

Books & the Arts

Pollster John Zogby's new book illuminates the changing nature of American values and lives.

A recent production of Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes is a grim masterpiece of opera noir.

Salman Rushdie probes the limits of the imagination to produce his most coherent and readable novel.

3rd Party Article

Black is never out of style--except when it comes to skin color.

Talking with the Green Party nominee for Vice President.

State Rep. Tony Payton is part of a growing movement of committed, young progressive outsiders working to bring the Democratic Party back to the people.



 1 Like a couple of times with the spy group Little Edward? Tied in this way! (10)

From the January 24, 1948, issue.