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September 12, 2011

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Naomi Klein on the UK riots, David Yaffe on Alan Lomax, George Zornick on the largest act of civil disobedience by environmentalists in decades


The protesters who have filled the streets of Arab cities for months now are demanding democracy and open government, and an end to the corruption and brutal humiliations of autocracy.

The Republicans’ dramatic overreach in states from Wisconsin to Maine has created openings for substantial Democratic victories in unexpected territory.

Sarah Jaffe on the Verizon strike, Tom Hayden on AFL-CIO’s condemnation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Britney Wilson on a welcome change in the prisons

Antigovernment zealots and biblical literalists are driving the race for 2012's Republican presidential nomination.

The largest act of civil disobedience by environmentalists in decades began outside the White House on August 20, as more than seventy people were arrested during a protest against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


Is a vote for Bachmann actually a vote for her husband?

The UK rioters know full well that their elites are looters too.


Throughout the Arab world, we are witnessing nothing less than the awakening of several phenomena that are critical for stable statehood.

If the Syrian dictator falls, there could be a bloody sectarian settling of accounts.

Can Egyptians turn the fervor of Tahrir into lasting political engagement?

Seemingly within reach of unprecedented power in a post-Mubarak Egypt, the group faces the prospect of implosion.

The success of the insurgent movements throughout the region correlates well with the strength of organized labor.

The king says his realm is a beacon of liberalism, but the people demand bread, and roses too. 

Without social justice for unemployed youth, revolutionary hopes may descend into class war.

The Palestinian liberation struggle was “the rock that was thrown in the still water.”

Israel must forge a new Palestinian and regional strategy in response to the Arab Awakening.

The royals have spared no expense in crushing or minimizing the impact of the revolutions.

When protesters called for a republic, the US position changed, allowing a Saudi invasion.

The United States has alienated both allied regimes and their opposition movements.

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Jane Campion reconsidered.


Learning to mourn with Susan Howe, Gertrude Schnackenberg, Anne Carson and C.D. Wright.


How Alan Lomax became the most significant Baedeker of America’s folkways.