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January 8, 2007

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Westport, Conn.


Justice and reconciliation for the victims of Saddam Hussein will not be found at the end of a hangman's rope.

The flap over Jimmy Carter's new book underscores that the Israel lobby in the United States exists to serve only the interests of the Israeli right wing.

Democrats in Congress must remember that their midterm victory was a clear mandate to reverse Bush's war policy.

Looking at the longstanding debate in the black community over personal responsibility through the lens of hotghettomess.com.

The controversy over newly released files on John Lennon is less about Lennon than about excessive government secrecy.



Someone has to say it: The hanging of Saddam Hussein was an act of barbarism that mocks all of Bush's posturing on Iraq.


Now that he is safely dead, good guy Jerry Ford has come out against the war.

A new book examining civil rights coverage demonstrates that the best reporting sometimes requires journalists to toss objectivity out the window.


The ICE chief's comments about immigration and unions raise troubling questions. Congress should seek answers.

As doubts grow about the humanity and constitutionality of lethal injection, California, Florida and Maryland have shut down executions. America's flight from the death penalty continues.

More violence, waning chances for reconciliation and a trove of secrets taken to the grave.

Although Kofi Annan's tenure was shadowed by political catfights, he leaves the United Nations as one of its most successful secretary generals.

Facing a showdown court-martial for refusing to serve in an illegal and unjust war, Lieut. Ehren Watada has become a flashpoint for the antiwar movement.

As Democrats clean up abuse of earmarks, they can't ignore the ones that masquerade as targeted tax breaks.

The fall and rise of Joe Lieberman was one of the major political events of 2006. But in 2007, Beltway and netroots pundits agree, he will be as irrelevant as George W. Bush.

The end of oil and the rise of warming seas reveal a world made small and a horde of fallen dinosaurs.

By empowering the dispossessed, Hezbollah has become a formidable force that is threatening the US-backed Lebanese government.

In the most significant movement of dissident soldiers since Vietnam, nearly 1,000 active-duty officers and enlisted personnel have petitioned the government to withdraw from Iraq.

Books & the Arts


Spring Awakening is a highly politicized play that explores the sexuality of young teenagers and the adult heartache that can accompany it.


In Five Germanys I Have Known--part memoir, part extended rumination on German-Jewish identity--Fritz Stern revisits his family's past and finds that he has never been quite at home.


Hitler's Beneficiaries advances a controversial, deeply flawed argument that Germans failed to revolt against the Nazis because Hitler established a welfare state built on plunder.

3rd Party Article

Whites-only scholarship, hunger strike ends, leprechaun woes, and more news from schools across the country.

Feminist Linda Hirshman on women in the workplace.

Walter Benn Michaels: Diversity is no cure-all.

To build better campuses, students should get more involved.