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January 12, 2004 Issue

  • Editorials

  • Coverage for No One

    My patient John Elias, with a fixed income from Social Security and a small pension, is a perfect candidate for prescription drug coverage.

    Dr. Marc Siegel

  • Supermarket Showdown

    A joyless holiday season faces 70,000 unionized Southern and Central California supermarket workers who have been on strike or locked out since October 11.

    Marc Cooper

  • Election Matters

    Ralph Nader has finally figured out how to unite Democrats and Greens.

    John Nichols

  • Despair Is Not an Option

    Many people believed at the time that the trauma of 9/11 would change the world. My feeling was that our American response would be far more crucial.

    William Sloane Coffin

  • Taking Liberties

    "Even in times of national emergency--indeed, particularly in such times--it is the obligation of the Judicial Branch to ensure the preservation of our constitutional values and to prevent the E

    David Cole

  • Neoconning Us Again?

    Libya's agreement to give up its weapons of mass destruction and open itself up to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency is a welcome development.

    the Editors

  • Dissing Dean

    Petulance is seldom considered a prime presidential attribute. George W. Bush's smirk notwithstanding, Americans prefer adults as Presidents.

    the Editors

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