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February 2, 2004 Issue

  • Editorials

    The Kitchen-Table State of the Union

    With the stock market surging and the economy growing, George W. Bush has begun touting the success of his tax cuts.

    Robert L. Borosage

  • Border Justice

    The call by George W. Bush for major reform of our failed immigration policy was undoubtedly made with election-year eyes fixed on the growing Latino vote.

    Marc Cooper

  • Sectarianism in Iraq

    Saddam Hussein's capture on December 13 ended the role of the minority Sunni Arabs as Iraq's ruling group since 1638, when the Sunni Ottoman Turks captured Mesopotamia (then comprising Baghdad an

    Dilip Hiro

  • We’re Not Sorry, Charlie

    Although the film isn't ready this year, there will be an event January 22 at Bluestockings bookstore in New York (172 Allen Street, 7-8:30 pm) and other events as far away as Grand Forks, North Dakota. Laura Flanders's Your Call radio program will also feature a Roe anniversary show. Listen online at

    Jennifer Baumgardner

  • Not-So-Special Counsel

    When is a special counsel not a special counsel?

    When the Ashcroft Justice Department appoints one to investigate the White House.

    David Corn

  • Why I’m for Clark

    By the end of June last year, I had met all the Democratic candidates for President.

    Barbara Lawton

  • Home Truths

    The day after Democrats begin the process of selecting George W.

    the Editors

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